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Domain Names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a custom address that you can register that identifies your web site. Think of a domain name as a customizable mailing address.

What should I get for a domain name?

If you are a business, see if your business name is available. If you are setting up a web site for personal use, see if your name is available, or nickname. Domain names can be purchased by anyone, so the domain name you may want could already be taken.

How do I know if a domain name is available?

Use our search box below and type in the domain name you are looking for. If it is available, we recommend you purchase it as soon as possible to prevent others from getting it.

Do you have any tips on domain name purchases?

Generally it is best to have as short of a domain name as possible. It is easier to type instead of and also easier to remember a shorter domain name. Also, most people remember a .COM domain name more readily than the other domain extensions. Choose what you want and go with it. You may want to purchase the other domain extensions to "protect" your site from domain squatters.

What is the cost for a domain name?

There is a yearly fee to purchase a domain name. You can register or renew domains for multiple years at one time if you wish. See the table below for our prices.

Can I purchase a domain name elsewhere and use your webhosting services?

Yes. Be sure that you are purchasing a domain name from a reputable domain registrar. ICANN has a list of accredited registrars. Once you have purchased your domain name, you will need to set the nameservers at your registrar to and Refer to your registrar on how to add or change the nameservers on your domain names.

What does Transfer a Domain Name mean?

If you have purchased a domain name at another company but want 207 Hosts to be your domain registrar, then you can transfer the domain name to us and we'll take care of your domain name services. There is a one time fee to transfer the domain name, which includes a year of domain registration. eg. If your domain expired on 04/04/2012 and you transferred your domain to us, your domain would then expire on 04/04/2013.

What does Domain Name Renewal mean?

Each year, you need to pay a nominal fee in order to keep your domain name registered to you. If you do not pay the registration fee on time, you risk losing your domain name and/or having to pay recovery fees to get the domain name back.

Once I have purchased a domain name, how to I make changes to it?

If you have purchased a domain name through 207 Hosts, then you can log into the 207 Hosts Domain Name Control Panel to edit your Whois information, nameservers, privacy protection, and other features. Select "customer" from the drop-down menu on the control panel page. If you have forgotten your login information, please contact our Technical Support department for assistance.

What other resources are there for domain names?

You can read the Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities and the Registrant's Educational Materials pages.

Who is the spondering registrar?

We use NetEarth One, Inc as the backend domain name registrar.

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